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Introduction To JED™

We are excited to introduce JED™, an advanced Pretrial Supervision platform allowing seamless communication between multiple units and clients. JED is powered by a comprehensive cloud-based multi-pronged database offering comprehensive reporting from various data points.


The PATENT PENDING JED™ Platform was developed by experts with a combined experience of over 70 years in pretrial, probation, and criminal justice systems. With JED, government entities are unified and accountability is enhanced through real-time data verification.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide criminal justice stakeholders with the technology, resources, and ongoing management needed to enact a successful pretrial accountability plan through less intrusive monitoring and greater access to multiple methods of real-time communications and accountability with greater cost efficiency.

The JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data) Platform

The current criminal justice system is outdated, inefficient, and overly intrusive. It relies on cumbersome phone-based systems, time-wasting roll calls, and obsolete tracking mechanisms. It has led to inaccuracies, busy work for government employees, increased difficulty in compliance, and expensive incarceration.


To ensure a successful pretrial or post-conviction program, it is crucial to maintain communications, visibility, and control.


By offering three distinct monitoring levels, JED™ provides a less intrusive method of accountability and lower administrative costs. Our Pretrial experts can help you integrate appropriate controls, orchestrate workload deployment, and establish an effective pretrial accountability platform.


The JED™ platform offers a wide range of useful features for caseworkers, post-conviction officers, program directors, courts, state municipalities, and administrators. The platform is designed to provide essential data points, real-time audio and visual communication, accountability, and control while also respecting and honoring the accused through our cost-efficient, easy-to-use, practical, and highly functional pretrial strategy solution.



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JED™ Service Levels

Our Pre-packaged pretrial accountability program includes an out-of-the-box process and preformatted SOP’s for National Pretrial services, Pretrial Justice Programs, Post-Conviction Programs, State and Federal Probation and Parole Programs, Work Release Programs, Juvenile Justice Programs, and Registered Sex Offender Programs and can be tailored to specific stakeholders.


Low Risk

SMS Text messages


Moderate Risk

App Location-based monitoring 


High Risk

GPS monitoring


App-based Notifications of

Restraining order and Sex Offenders 

JED™ Tracking 

The JED™ Platform provides a complete centralized Accountability solution that houses all pretrial communications and touchpoints.  JED™ was built utilizing technology-agnostic cloud-based infrastructure and was designed to provide near-limitless scalability, high availability, and integrity. JED™ is distributed across a network of globally interconnected data centers on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and provides a secure way to route messages between devices, courts, pretrial programs, and other authorities.

Customizable Interface, Alerts and Reporting 0
Automated Check-Ins 0
Easy to Use interface With Full Judicial Level Access 0

JED™ Technology

At JED™, we provide a comprehensive approach that incorporates our top-of-the-line cloud platform to connect any device and customize supervision levels to meet the needs of your constituents and local community. We are device-agnostic and can integrate over 100+ devices, with more continuously being added. We offer a centralized system and workflow, which includes our smartphone app and multiple ankle monitors. Our easy-to-use system allows you to manage SMS messages, automated phone calls, check-ins, court reminders, active app tracking, ankle monitors, drug patches, alcohol monitors, client communications, and more.


Our victim advocacy app is designed to monitor offenders and alert victims proactively, notifying them if an offender is within a set threshold near them. Our advanced rules engine gives supervisors the ability to tailor alert thresholds on an individual basis. Set geofences based on time, distance, day of the week, and even automatically send warnings to the accused when specific rules are breached. We provide a cure period for breaches, allowing individuals to rectify them before notifying authorities.


Our technology ensures responsible, effective, and minimally intrusive supervision.

Benefits of the JED™ Platform

    • Fights recidivism
    • More responsible [fair] than bail for lower-level offenders
    • Minimal additional government resources required
    • A stable cornerstone of your pretrial accountability plan
    • Reports/alerts tailored to your environment
    • Appropriate and proportional Accountability 
    • Escalate Accountability based on behavior and compliance
    • Allows instant Monitoring/Accountability of the accused
    • Automated check-in and custom alerts 
    • Seamless communication between all parties
    • Non-emergency actions handled by platform
    • Seamless Accountability
    • Technologically agnostic 
    • Manage risk by tracking and interacting
    • Escalate monitoring based on behavior and response

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