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State Availability

The JED™ Pretrial Software Platform is Ready Out of the Box, but can be customized to any jurisdictions’ needs.


Years of Experience

JED™ was created by individuals with over 70 years combined in pretrial services, probation and criminal justice systems.

Integrated communications

JED™ features a unified dashboard that allows for multi-unit communication and client interaction

Extensive Reporting

JED™ database driven pretrial software platform features a robust reporting backend utilizing live and empirical data.

Are You Looking For A Comprehensive Pretrial Software  Solution?

Pretrial Software

JED™ is an innovative, centralized pretrial software and technology platform providing Pretrial Services for Pretrial Diversion Programs with a comprehensive solution for courts, municipalities, and state agencies to properly administer and manage pretrial diversion programs. It aims to improve public safety, reduce administrative costs, increase appearance rates, and formulate better pretrial release decisions through our three-level monitoring system.

Pretrial Software

Simple and Structured Pretrial Supervision™

JED™ (Judicial Evaluation Data) PATENT PENDING is a pretrial software platform that provides a centralized solution for courts, municipalities, and state agencies to manage their pretrial diversion program with ease and cost-effectiveness. Our pretrial software enhances public safety by increasing appearance rates and making better pretrial release decisions through a tri-level monitoring system. Moreover, it reduces administrative costs while respecting and honoring the accused during pretrial release.

Markets We Serve:

We assist with a wide range of programs and services within the criminal justice system that focuses on promoting fairness, rehabilitation, and public safety.

Pretrial services are designed to assist individuals who have been charged with a crime but are awaiting trial. These programs aim to provide fair and unbiased assessments of an individual's risk level, helping to determine whether they can be safely released into the community before their trial. Pretrial services often involve monitoring and supervising the defendant, ensuring they comply with court-ordered conditions and appear for their scheduled court hearings.

Post-conviction programs focus on individuals who have completed their sentence or have been released from incarceration. These programs aim to reduce recidivism rates and support the successful reentry of individuals back into the community. They often offer assistance with finding housing, employment, substance abuse treatment, counseling, and other resources essential for a successful transition.

Probation and parole programs come into play after an individual has been convicted of a crime. Probation is an alternative to incarceration, where offenders can remain in the community under specified conditions rather than serving time in jail. Parole, on the other hand, refers to the supervised release of an individual after serving a portion of their prison sentence. Both probation and parole programs aim to support the successful reintegration of offenders into society by providing guidance, monitoring, and support.

Programs for registered sex offenders focus on the supervision, treatment, and community awareness related to individuals convicted of sex crimes. These programs aim to ensure public safety by closely monitoring sex offenders within the community, providing treatment and therapy as necessary, and fostering community education and awareness about their presence.

Probation is an alternative to incarceration, allowing individuals to serve their sentences in the community under strict supervision. State and federal probation officers monitor offenders' compliance with court-ordered conditions, such as attending counseling programs, refraining from drug use, or maintaining employment. By providing guidance, support, and accountability, probation programs aim to rehabilitate individuals while ensuring public safety.

Work release programs allow individuals to maintain employment while serving their sentences in a controlled environment. These programs typically allow individuals to work during the day and return to a correctional facility at night. Work release programs aim to enhance the chances of successful reintegration into society post-release by facilitating employment.

Juvenile justice programs address the unique needs of young offenders under 18. These programs often prioritize rehabilitation and addressing the underlying causes of delinquent behavior. Juvenile justice programs provide counseling, educational support, and mentoring to help steer young offenders away from a life of crime and toward positive life choices.

The criminal justice system encompasses diverse markets essential for maintaining public safety, promoting rehabilitation, and preventing recidivism. From pretrial services to post-conviction programs, these various initiatives aim to support individuals throughout their involvement in the justice system. Whether assisting defendants awaiting trial, helping offenders reintegrate into society, or offering specialized programs for specific populations, these services play a crucial role in our criminal justice system.

Pretrial Software That is:

Ready Out Of the Box

Take the first step towards simplifying your pretrial diversion program. Contact us today to learn more about our Ready Out Of the Box Pretrial Software Platform and how it can lower costs, yield tangible results, track data and revolutionize your pretrial operations.

JED™ Pretrial Software At-A-Glance Features




Ready OOTB

JED™ is a pretrial software platform that offers tri-level monitoring of accused individuals and separate victim packages. It comes with an easy-to-use pretrial services dashboard that provides pretrial diversion stakeholders with essential tracking and pretrial statistical information, as well as state-of-the-art risk assessment tools and enhanced reporting. JED™ also offers various communication options to clients, including text and video conference calls, to ensure successful pretrial diversion monitoring and helps defendants avoid missing court appearances.

Comprehensive Solution

JED™ serves Pretrial Services, Post-Conviction Programs, Probation and Parole, Work Release Programs, Juvenile Justice Programs, and Registered Sex Offenders. Our platform creates an efficient court system, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs. This leads to safer communities and improved rehabilitation programs. Contact us to revolutionize your court system and improve justice administration.


Robust Pretrial Software

Our reporting dashboard provides real-time data on releases and compliance with court-ordered conditions. This allows supervisors to identify trends and take action as needed quickly. Furthermore, our platform is designed for scalability, making expanding services into new jurisdictions or adjusting settings based on changing needs easy. JED™'s Pretrial Services offerings make it the industry leader in providing structured pretrial supervision for criminal justice stakeholders. Our Patent Pending technology platform ensures public safety and provides the foundation for judicial systems to enact accountability responsibly and cost-effectively.


Cost Effective Pretrial Supervision

The JED™ advanced technology platform is a cost-effective solution that provides detailed information on the activities and behavior of the accused to the supervisors. This helps in ensuring greater community safety without being too intrusive. The platform's 24/7 operations center allows for continuous monitoring and communication with the accused to ensure a secure and successful pretrial period. By using geofences, the platform sends warnings if specific rules are breached, allowing for a minimally intrusive way to enforce accountability. Additionally, the accused can be contacted in real-time, making communication quick and easy.

Less Intrusive & More Effective!

Pretrial services supervisors can customize alert thresholds for individuals using our rules engine. Geofences can be set based on time, distance, and day of the week. Warnings can be automatically sent when specific rules are broken. A cure period can be allowed for individuals, giving them a chance to rectify the issue before notifying authorities. Our pretrial software platform enables a  pretrial diversion program accountability in a responsible, effective, and minimally intrusive way. We also offer a fully Managed Pretrial Diversion Program administered by National Pretrial.

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