Amazing! Pretrial Software

Our Pre-packaged pretrial Software Platform includes an out-of-the-box process and preformatted SOP’s for National Pretrial services, Pretrial Diversion Programs, Post-Conviction Programs, State and Federal Probation and Parole Programs, Work Release Programs, Juvenile Justice Programs, and Registered Sex Offender Programs and can be tailored to specific stakeholders.

Check-In Center™

Connected. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

Check-In Center™ provides an easy-to-use and straightforward interface that allows you to check-in and communicate effortlessly with case workers, supervisors, clerks, judges and courts via text, phone call, file upload, or video conference.  Our app’s simple interface also lets you update your address and preferences in real-time.

Easy Setup and Onboarding

To get started, simply download the app onto your mobile device, enter your phone number, verify it with a code, set the app permissions, and complete an initial facial scan. This scan will be used to authenticate future scans. Once you’ve completed these steps, they are ready to perform Check-ins!

One-Click Facial Recognition

Enrollees can easily provide a facial recognition check-in by clicking on the home screen. This process takes about 30 seconds and can be impromptu, automated, scheduled, or used as an alert system for mass check-ins.

Number Change Ability

Enrollees can easily submit a change of their associated phone number within the system in the app for supervisors to approve. 

Mouse Over to See Facial Recognition Check-In

Real-Time Chat

The chat interface in the app is a direct real-time connection to the Enrollees  JED™ platform supervisor / caseworker

Update Data in Real-Time

Easily update your Home or Work Address, your Attorney, or other information like Treatment Programs, etc in Realtime by and upload proof (via app) for Supervisor Approval.

Device Agnostic & Cloud Based

Our JED™ Pretrial Software Platform is cloud-based and compatible with all devices. Users can connect through the app, while supervisors access it through a browser.

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Pretrial Services Platform

At-A-Glance Visual Dashboard

JED™ Platform provides an easy-to-use and straightforward interface that allows caseworkers, supervisors and administrators to request check-in, view alerts, and communicate effortlessly via text, phone call, file upload, or video conference.

At-A-Glance Alerts Dashboard

With JED™, you can quickly respond to alerts set up within the platform. Supervisors can customize alert thresholds, create geofences based on time, distance, and day of the week, and send warnings automatically to those who break specific rules. You can also provide a grace period for individuals to correct their behavior before involving authorities.

Integrated Communications

The JED™ platform enables seamless communication among all parties involved in the Pretrial Supervision process by providing various communication options, including text, phone calls, video calls, video conferencing, and file uploads. With JED™, everyone can access the necessary channels for effective collaboration and information exchange.


One of JED™’s significant benefits is its communication facilitation ability. Enrollees, caseworkers, supervisors, and administrators can easily send in-app messages to each other for quick updates and clarifications. This feature is useful for urgent matters or when a written record of communication is required.


In addition to text communication, JED™ supports direct and real-time voice communication through phone calls. This feature enables caseworkers to provide guidance and enrollees to seek clarification, promoting a more personal and efficient exchange of information while reducing the chances of miscommunication.


For situations requiring face-to-face interaction, JED™ offers video calls and video conferencing capabilities. Enrollees can have virtual meetings with caseworkers and supervisors, ensuring that essential discussions occur without needing physical presence. Video conferencing also enables multiple participants to join the conversation simultaneously, fostering collaboration and saving time.

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